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Sometimes it’s hard to pick just the right sexy lingerie to make your night extra special, and tell him you want him. While just getting naked might certainly work, sexy lingerie sends a much clearer message that you are in the mood. After all, you could just happen to be naked. When you take the time to put on that extra naughty lingerie, you are definitely saying I am ready to get it on.

So, to help you navigate through all the choices, here are a few suggestions:

  • If you are looking for a bit more structure, or want to have a more burlesque look, then corsets or bustiers are the way to go. For the sexiest look, make sure the get one with garter attachments to go down to your hosiery. Corsets are great for making you waist look small and your bust look BIG.
  • Sexy Corsets & Bustiers

  • If you just want to spice up a regular bra and panties… add a garter belt and stockings. These add flair and some extra excitement. If you want to go without the garter belt, just pick up a pair of our stay-up thigh hi hosiery. They have silicone added to the tops of the stocking to help them stay up on their own.
  • Lingerie with garter belt

  • If classy is what you are looking for… go with a classic. Look for a babydoll, chemise, or teddy that has nicer lace or luxurious fabrics like satin or silk. If your man is very sensual, you might look for lingerie that is softer to the touch, or adds texture with lace.
  • Classy babydoll & chemise

  • If you think you are going to be in a hurry or just don’t want the lingerie to end up on the floor, then a crotchless, and or boob-less babydoll, teddy, or underwear will set the mood and keep it going. These are also great for ladies who are a bit self conscience about a body part. For example with a crotchless teddy, your tummy can stay covered and still allow easy access to all the fun bits.
  • Open & Crotchless Lingerie

There are so many great lingerie looks to choose from, and we are here to help. Stop by After Midnight Lingerie & Video and let one our romance experts help you find just the right outfit that will work great with your body, and achieve your romantic goals.

What’s often at the top of the list? SHOES! After all, they are with us everywhere we go! Let’s be honest ladies, the shoes really make the outfit! Shoes give you that untouchable attitude and sex kitten energy. Here at After Midnight we have a great selection of sexy shoes. We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of everything we carry in the store, and our shoe department in no exception. We have from eloquent, classic, and simple styles, to fun, funky, and unique choices. Currently, we have a packed full clearance rack of heels running anywhere from 50-70 percent off. This includes club and dancer styles, evening styles, and even some costume themed shoes.

Also, for our Fourth of July Summer Sale, we have put these sexy new styles 30% off.

Sexy Glittery Platform Shoes

Sexy Glittery Platform Shoes

We also just got another shipment of new shoes from Ellie Shoes, so if you love shoes as much as the girls here at After Midnight, stop by soon to get the best selection!

Hello Love Birds,
Welcome to bridal season! We love to celebrate this time of year by filling our store with stunning bridal lingerie for that special night. Our staff is dedicated to helping you find what is perfect for you, so come in and lets celebrate by making you look and feel beautiful for your magical occasion.

Sincerely Yours,
After Midnight

Bridal Lingerie - Girls in White Lingerie

This post is dedicated to all our beautifully curvy plus sized women!

Look sexy no matter what your size, in one of these fun outfits. We are expanding our selection of plus lingerie, so come visit us and look at our new sexy lingerie, made just for you.

Plus Size Lingerie, Plus Babydolls, Plus Bra Set

Plus Size Lingerie, Plus Babydolls, Plus Bra Set

Have you picked out something sexy and sultry for your special Valentine yet? Now is a great time to come into After Midnight Lingerie & Video and check out our Valentine’s Day specials. Select items throughout the store are now 30% – 70% off, including items in Lingerie, Toys, Games, and Shoes.

Spoil your lover with a new toy, and enjoy it together.

February 2013 Toy Sale

Spend some time with your lover getting to know each other better and trying new things.

Intimacy games are a great way to break the ice and get things moving in a sexual direction.

At 50% off, it doesn’t matter if you get distracted, and don’t finish the game…

Select games on sale 50% off.

Dress up in something sexy to make the night special.

We’ve picked out some sexy lingerie with a little extra.

Some of our 50% off Dreamgirl lingerie sale items come with a free toy or DVD.

Select Lingerie 50% off

Remember the finishing touches. Guys notice that you added those little extras, like a garter belt, a nice pair of earrings, sexy shoes, and your “special” perfume.

All those things say you made a fuss for him, and this is not just your regular date night.

So don’t delay, head over to After Midnight now to start planning and picking out the perfect items to make your Valentine’s day one to remember.

Have a romantic Valentines Day!

One day ONLY Black Friday Specials! We’ve decided to EVERYTHING in the store on sale… so get here early to get the details on our secret store-wide sale. Here are a few sales I can tell you about…

$5.00 DVDs – Buy as many of our regularly $10.00 DVDs as you want for only $5.00 each.

$5.00 Body Jewelry – Our Tongue, Belly rings regularly $10.00 on sale for only $5.00 each.

Select Toys 50% – 70% off. Toys on sale in almost every category, like rabbits, vibrators, massagers, and men’s toys. Even some items in our high end case!

Select Lingerie & Dancewear 50% – 70% off. We’ve pulled over a 100 items for this sale.

Select Sexy Shoes & Boots 30%-70% off. From short styles to high platforms, we’ve pulled over 50 shoes for this sale, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

Don’t miss these great specials and more… We will be open 11am to Midnight. So even after the other stores close make a point to stop by and pick up some sexy lingerie, some adult stocking stuffers, a new We Vibe, or Lelo. They will all be on sale for one day only!

Great new styles are in from Oh La La Cheri. The Parisian born designer creates each piece to enhance a woman’s femininity and evoke sensuality. The fabrics of this line feel good and the lace and materials used look high end and luxurious while staying moderately priced. The Josephine chemise shown here in blue, is a best seller and comes in 4 colors.

Josephine Blue Lace & Mesh Chemise with G-String

Another popular trend is anything with garters and stockings. Garterbelts are definitely back in, and in high demand. We sell a wide variety in the store, but check out the range of styles from Oh La La Cherie that will allow you to pair them with your favorite stockings.

Sexy Lingerie Garterbelt Bra Set with matching G-String2pc Lingerie Set - Lace Bustier Set2-Pc Lingerie Set - Lace Bra and Crotchless Lace Skirtini with Garters

Get Romantic!
Create a super romantic evening, with candle light, scented silk rose petals, silky or lacy lingerie, oils, lotions, and perhaps even a game to get things started.

Get Creative!
Make it a theme night. Pick your favorite fantasy and act it out.

Perhaps your man is feeling under the weather, and needs some attention from his favorite “naughty nurse”, you. A sponge bath, a massage, and you can take it from there… We have great nurse outfits, massage oils, and other naughty items that you might need during the “examination”.

Perhaps one of you has been very bad, and needs to be tied up and shown a lesson. This is a great time to try out a blindfold, a whip, or some bondage items. You can even tie them up and then just lavish them with massage, touches, and orgasms… no need to be mean, unless that’s what they like…

Get Naughty!
Head out for a night of adventure. Dress up in your sexiest outfit with something naughty underneath… Perhaps a remote controlled panty or vibrator… That way the whole evening is sure the stay hot and steamy. Let your date have the controls and decide on when you show your passion… We now have an inexpensive line that has both remote control bullets, & men’s rings. The remotes are on the same frequency, so get one for each of you & you’ll both feel the same sensation! The best part… they are only $49.95 each.

The Power Slim Bullet & The Hero Wireless Cockring

The Power Slim Bullet & The Hero Wireless Cockring

These are but a few ways to spicy up your Valentines celebration. Use your own creativity to make it uniquely your own and express your passion for each other.

We are, as always, here to help you pick out the perfect items for whatever you have in mind for romance. As we say… “We sell naughty products… for nice people!”