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Are you looking for a sexy costumes with style? Are you tired of wading through crowds of screaming children, just to try on a costume that’s been wadded up in a plastic bag?  Our costumes come hung on a hanger in a complementary garment bag. Want to try it on? We have really nice dressing rooms, and don’t charge you to use them.

Get away from the junky pop-up costume stores and enjoy your shopping experience. No screaming children, just sexy costumes for ladies in a comfortable, clean environment. We know sexy, because we do it all year, and we have costumes and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. Our costumes are competitively priced, and as of today, most of our costumes are on sale, with discounts up to 75% off.

We have sexy costumes that will work no matter how daring you are. If you want more coverage, a mini dress costume is a great choice.  You can always add a pair of shorts or great leggings or hosiery to cover up a little more if you want.

These sexy costumes cover up just enough and hug your curves so you look fabulous.

If you are feeling more daring, try a mini skirt costume. These are the most daring and will definitely turn heads. Check out these.

Bare as much as you dare with one of these sexy costumes.

If you’re hard to fit, or you’ve had problems finding a costume that really works with your body shape, then let us help. Check out our article about getting what you need to create your own sexy costume from our assortment of corsets, skirts, shorts, hosiery, wings, gloves, eyelashes, hats, wigs… If it’s sexy, we’ve got it!

No matter how daring you want to be, we can help you put together a sexy costume that will look great, fit great, and express your personality!  But the best costumes are selling fast, so come in now before your dream costume is taken!

Click here for directions to our store in West Palm Beach!

Have you ever gone to a costume party and 3 girls have your exact Halloween costume? or have you ever kept trying on costume after costume and can’t find one that fits you all over. Why not make your own sexy costume this year with separates from After Midnight?

We’ve gone all out this year to find the sexiest and coolest costume separates. We have all kinds of cool stuff, from body suits to make a cat woman costume to corsets, tutus, hats and more. With even a little imagination, we can help you create a one of a kind costume. Instead of buying a costume where someone else picked out all the stuff, create your own, so that it is sure to fit great, be unique, and express your personal style.

These sexy costumes are all put together with separate pieces and accessories.
Staff creations: These costumes are all ideas for sexy costumes put together with separate pieces and accessories by our staff.

We have both theme corsets like nurse, police, lady bug, bee, etc. and traditional corsets which range from plain to burlesque. Match them up with themed skirts, shorts, and lots of Halloween costume accessories. We have everything you need to create your one-of-a-kind costume from gloves, hosiery, tutus, petticoats, garter belts, eyelashes, wings, hats, wigs and more.

Check out some of our corsets and Halloween costume accessories on the wall.
Corsets and Sexy Costume Accessories

Check out some of our wings, tutus, and hosiery.
Wings, Tutus, Petticoats, & Hosiery to create or complement your sexy costume.

So, to get a custom look that is uniquely yours, and to get away from the pre-bagged costumes that you find all over town, come on in today. We’ll help you find just what you need to stand out from the crowd!

We are happy to say that we now have all three books of the series in stock.
Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, & Fifty Shades Freed Books
Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed tell us the story of Christian and Anastasia as they explore their sexuality, their love, and their pasts. These books are best known for their steamy kinky sex scenes as Christian introduces Anastasia to his darker pleasures. The book has been an inspiration to many people to be more adventurous and to begin exploring new avenues in their own sexuality.

If you are looking for items mentioned in the books, we now have many of them in stock including the Grey Tie, the balls on a string, riding crops and other instruments of pleasure.

Fifty Shades of Grey Related Products
If you are just looking to be a bit more adventurous. We have a 50 foot toy room with a wide range of adult toys, bondage & fetish items. Our selection spans the range from basic vibrators and dildos, to high end pleasure objects by Lelo, and We Vibe.

Stop in today and check out the new Fifty Shades of Grey display in the toy room.

Fifty Shades Book & Accessories Display

Great new styles are in from Oh La La Cheri. The Parisian born designer creates each piece to enhance a woman’s femininity and evoke sensuality. The fabrics of this line feel good and the lace and materials used look high end and luxurious while staying moderately priced. The Josephine chemise shown here in blue, is a best seller and comes in 4 colors.

Josephine Blue Lace & Mesh Chemise with G-String

Another popular trend is anything with garters and stockings. Garterbelts are definitely back in, and in high demand. We sell a wide variety in the store, but check out the range of styles from Oh La La Cherie that will allow you to pair them with your favorite stockings.

Sexy Lingerie Garterbelt Bra Set with matching G-String2pc Lingerie Set - Lace Bustier Set2-Pc Lingerie Set - Lace Bra and Crotchless Lace Skirtini with Garters

Get Romantic!
Create a super romantic evening, with candle light, scented silk rose petals, silky or lacy lingerie, oils, lotions, and perhaps even a game to get things started.

Get Creative!
Make it a theme night. Pick your favorite fantasy and act it out.

Perhaps your man is feeling under the weather, and needs some attention from his favorite “naughty nurse”, you. A sponge bath, a massage, and you can take it from there… We have great nurse outfits, massage oils, and other naughty items that you might need during the “examination”.

Perhaps one of you has been very bad, and needs to be tied up and shown a lesson. This is a great time to try out a blindfold, a whip, or some bondage items. You can even tie them up and then just lavish them with massage, touches, and orgasms… no need to be mean, unless that’s what they like…

Get Naughty!
Head out for a night of adventure. Dress up in your sexiest outfit with something naughty underneath… Perhaps a remote controlled panty or vibrator… That way the whole evening is sure the stay hot and steamy. Let your date have the controls and decide on when you show your passion… We now have an inexpensive line that has both remote control bullets, & men’s rings. The remotes are on the same frequency, so get one for each of you & you’ll both feel the same sensation! The best part… they are only $49.95 each.

The Power Slim Bullet & The Hero Wireless Cockring

The Power Slim Bullet & The Hero Wireless Cockring

These are but a few ways to spicy up your Valentines celebration. Use your own creativity to make it uniquely your own and express your passion for each other.

We are, as always, here to help you pick out the perfect items for whatever you have in mind for romance. As we say… “We sell naughty products… for nice people!”

Dona by System Jo and Forever Young Wig shown on Mannequin

Dona by System Jo and Forever Young Wig shown on Mannequin

We just got in this new line of bath, body, and massage products with great scents that are infused with pheromones and aphrodisiacs. The line includes products intended to be layered on from head to toe to get you, and your lover, in the mood. You can prepare for the date with a foaming bath, get your body silky soft with the body lotion, then spray down your sheets, and set out the massage oil. All the products come in 5 pheromone infused scents and are under $20.

The Dona line is by System JO and includes: Bath Salts, Bath Foam, Bath Milk, Body Wash, Shave Gel, Linen Spray, & Massage oil.

Also check out that sexy wig we have on the mannequin. We have new wigs for sale to really complete your sexy looks. Shown is the Obession wig on the girl on the left and the Sugar Rush on the girl on the right.

“I’ve never seen him wrap gifts so fast” That’s what one great lady told me earlier this year when she came back in to shop and told me about last Christmas. Last Christmas, she had come in to look for something sexy to wear and really wasn’t finding much. We took a look at her and suggested this really cute green elf outfit that hugged all her curves in all the right ways and suggested she wear it to help motivate the husband. So after the kids were in bed, she put on the sexy outfit and told her husband it was time to wrap the gifts. Well apparently, he was more interested in unwrapping her, but was told all the gifts had to be wrapped first… From what she told me wrapping was never so much fun and done in no time!

So if you have been searching for a way to motivate your husband this holiday season, lets all take a lesson from this happy couple and flirt, flirt, flirt!

Stop by After Midnight today and grab something sexy to make the season brighter! We’ll be open til Midnight on Friday, and 8pm Christmas Eve for those last minute purchases, and would love to help you pick out that perfect outfit.

Take a look at the new vibrating panties!

Remote control vibrators and vibrating panties have come a long way over the years. The new ones now have screens on the remote control so that you can tell what setting you are on and what the vibration looks like. No longer are you limited to either on or off, a lot of the ones we carry have multiple vibration speeds, and some also include pulsation patterns.

The selection of panties have also improved. The newer items now have nice stretch lace panties or luxurious tie side lace panties. Since most of these will fit into the panty liner of most panties, we are carrying a full line of remote controlled vibrating eggs as well. These are now as low as $59.95

This is the one item that can really take date night to a new level and really get your date ready for the events after dessert! So whether you want one for a night out on the town or the convenience of not having to change settings in “close quarters”, the you should stop by and look at our great selection of vibrating panties and remote control vibrators!

We have been expanding our plus size lingerie selection. There are new packaged lingerie, and new plus size corsets and bustiers, and plus size baby dolls. So if you are looking for a plus size garter belt or the hosiery to go with it, we now have more in stock to choose from.

We have some new brands, as well as some old favorites, like Rene Rofe, Dream Girl, Shirley of Hollywood, Elegant Moments, Seven to Midnight, and others.

To make it easier to shop, we have made a plus section in our bodystocking area, our hosiery area, and a separate packaged lingerie area.

So stop by to find the perfect sexy outfit!

Sexy Costumes for Ladies
Call 561-682-1002 for directions to the store.

Our sexy costumes have arrived! We have some new brands this year that some of the other stores don’t carry, so you’ll want to make sure you check us out. We have sexy costumes for ladies in almost every imaginable category.

Sexy Cops, Nurses, French Maids, Mermaids, Sailor Girls, Pirates, Racer Girls, Girl/Camp Scout Costumes, Witches, Wizards, Indians, Flappers, and sooooooo many more.

We carry clothing quality costumes that you will feel proud to wear and super sexy in. Pick a few out and try them on in our new larger dressing rooms. Then you can come out to show your friends and check out the back in our 3-way mirror.

We have even nicer costumes this year, and quite a few even come in a complementary garment bag so that you can keep you costume nice all year long.

Our helpful friendly staff is always here to help you pick out the perfect costume and to help you accessorize. With our new tutus and petticoats, gloves, stockings, and other fun themed accessories, you are sure too look your hottest and turn heads.

We are still only carrying costumes for ladies, so no child costumes, and only a few for the men.

Stop by today and check it all out!